Birchbox October 2013 | Unboxing and Exciting News!

Hey loves! This is my Birchbox October 2013 Unboxing and first impression!
Thanks for watching!

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Get Ready With Me Date Edition!

Last night was Sunday night, so you know what that means….date night! Every Sunday my husband an I put the kids to bed nice and early and cook ourselves an awesome meals…often times new ones we haven’t tried before. The best part? We get super gussed up! Yeah it’s silly and weird but we love it, and I really think that it’s little things like this that keep relationships fresh and fun.
So follow me as I attempted to get myself fancied up for our date!

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How I Curl and Style Short Hair

I recently cut my very long locks off and have been searching for the perfect short hairstyle, ala Alexa Chung! So here is my take on the quick and easy way to curl and style short hair using only one tool!
If you try this, let me know what you thing and snap some shots!
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My Birchbox: August 2013

It’s that time of the month again, when all the stars align and the birds are chirping and my lovely Birchbox makes it’s way to my doorstep. In case you don’t know what Birchbox is, it is a monthly subscription service that sends you 4-6 beauty and lifestyle samples (and sometimes full size products!) for you to try and review and it only costs $10 a month, and what is really great is that for every product you review you get 10 points which equals to one dollar, so basically you get $5 a month to spend at their store. I’ve been saving up my points for something nice and I think I have about $25 worth to spend. Just for girls? Nah! They now have boxes for men so everyone can join the fun.

Depending on the beauty and lifestyle info you fill out on your profile determines what samples you will receive that month and also depending on their theme. This months theme was “Finishing School” so it’s all about getting a fresh start to a new season.

Now lets get down to my box. I recieved 3 samples, one full size item and lifestyle extra which isn’t to shabby. I’ve had this box for a week so I’ve been able to really test the products and give you a fair opinion, so lets get to it!

First sample I grabbed was the Dr.Jart+ Premium BB cream. Right off the bat I was pretty disappointed with the tiny sample size but I still gave it a good ole’ try. This product claims to even out skin tone while is contains SPF and antiaging benefits, so right away I’m hooked. Now I have to be honest, I am not a BB cream fan, I find them to be oily and not very long lasting. This one however went on smooth and didn’t leave my skin feeling slick, in fact, this is the first one I tried where I didn’t have to layer foundation over it. Unfortunately I can’t tell you about benefits because the sample was too small to tell. This will not be a full size purchase for me because the price isn’t what I would spend on a BB cream but if you are looking for a really good one, this might be for you.
* Dr.Jart+ BB Cream retails for $39 for a full size

Next we have the Jasmine Seven Fresh Foot Wipes’. This was the product I was least excited about because while I understand the idea behind cleaning your feet off during the day, they just don’t work for my life. By the time I get home and get my shoes off I’m in the shower anyways. I did, however, find them as a nice excuse to get my husband to massage my feet. They claim to soften your feet with aloe, peppermint and vitamin e and while that might be the case they just have no use to me so, big dud.
*Jasmine Seven Fresh Foot Wipes retail for $25.95 for a full size pack

Next I got the Number 4 ‘Super Comb Prep and Protect’. This is a leave conditioning spray that also protects color and protects from UV rays. I have to say I loved this product. I really felt as if my hair was being protected, it didn’t feel as dry after a day in the sun and it did make my hair easier to comb through and the sample size I was sent was a really nice size as well. The only downside for me was the smell. It was an almost overwhelming cocoa butter smell which isn’t my favorite, but I have to say the pros outweighed the con. Best of all it only takes a couple little squirts to saturate my hair so I feel this sample will last me a while!

*Number 4 spray retails for $32 for a full size

Last product I recieved was a full size lipstick! ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick in “Disco Fever’. It was a beautiful matte lipstick in a very wearable peachy orange shade. I was worried that it would go on too orange but it actually has become my favorite shade to wear because it really compliments my olive skin. Plus is was full size, so it was practically the cost of the box entirely (this did make up for the DUD foot wipes!) I also found this lipstick to be very buildable and super pigmented and lasted a good amount of time.  I will probably find myself repurchasing this brand.

*ModelCo Party Proof lipsticks come in a set of three and retail for $24

Now we come to the lifestyles extra. This is a little something extra that Birchbox likes to pass on to their subscribers and this month I got the TanTowel. TanTowel is a self tan towelette that claims to give an even natural tan with just a swipe. I do not tan, I do not sun tan, I do not self tan. If I ever need some extra glow I always go to my Lorac tan lotion so I was nervous about this one, but it was a bonus so why not. It takes a few hours and up to a day to see the full effect and I didn’t know if it was me and my lack of tan knowledge but it left giant streaks on my arms. As suggested I did shower and exfoliate before hand so who knows. On the plus side, it didn’t smell funky and was easy to apply so maybe this will work for a tan enthusiast.

*TanTowel wipes retail for $24 for a full size pack

So that’s it for my August Birchbox, I have to say that it wasn’t my favorite because I feel like I got a few things that aren’t new to Birchbox and stuff I’ve seen other bloggers talk about getting in their Birchboxes months and months ago and I’m all about NEW NEW NEW, so we’ll have to see how next months box shapes out!

If you’re interested in learning more about Birchbox shoot over to their page, and while you may not always be happy with a product or two, half the fun is trying new things and making an opinion of your own. Also, if you got a box this month let me know below what you got and how you like it! Don’t forget to subscribe because I just had a big birthday and oh man did I get spoiled with products from the hubby so I will give you all the rundown soon!

Lots of love!


Birchbox Homepage

Birchbox July 2013

So my AMAZING husband gifted me a subscription to Birchbox for out 8th wedding anniversary. If you read my blog then you know I am obsessed with products, so this gift was perfection.
If you’re not familiar with Birchbox it is a subscription program where they send you 4-6 beauty and lifestyle product samples a month based on a beauty profile you fill out and it only costs $10 a month!
Because this was my first box it was a “welcome box”. In my box I received a cucumber SPF facial moisturizer, a exclusive nail polish, dry powder shampoo, blueberry shaving cream, and a Juicy Couture perfume sample.
I’m going to be review these products and give you a full rundown of the details soon! In the meantime here is a pretty picture of my box and if you’re interested in Birchbox check out the link below.
So keep an eye out for my final word later today and as always happy blending!

Handmade Unique Clips

When I’m not spending my time raiding the beauty counters you can find me at the flea markets.  My favorite thing to do is to take something old and make it new.  I’ve turned posters into lampshades and bowls into vases but the thing I enjoy the most is turning vintage buttons, pins, earrings or even pendants into wearable art.  I started doing this a few years ago and I always found the best advertisement for my accessories is to wear them.

I fashioned this from a button I found off of a pair of children’s overalls from the 80’s I found at a flea market and embellished  it with foam petals to make a flower
effect.  I attached it to a felt-backed reinforced hair clip for stability.

For this piece I used a white elastic band I had on hand and attached a beaded fabric metal back pin that I found in a consignment shop turning it into a headband, I kept the metal backing for support but also because I like to maintain as much of the vintage piece that I can.




This is my birds of a feather clip that I made inspired by the 20’s.  I found an old cloche hat that was riddled with holes and I salvaged however much of the feathers I could and make as many clips as I could and this was always a favorite of mine because I fashioned it with an blue pearl earring I found at a flea market.

This is my favorite piece by far.  I found this peacock pendant at a vintage shop and it was originally meant to be sewn onto clothing as a good luck charm (that is why I kept the loop!) I attached it to some fabric leaves I had a fashioned it to a felt enforced hair clip.

These are just a few examples of how I like to expel my creativity when I’m not taking it out on my eyelids.  If you’re looking to start making your own accessories and want some tips or even if you’d like me to make a custom piece let me know!  Happy flea hunting!