Date Night Red Lips

If you’re like me, you get scared of red lipstick because the last thing we wanna look like on a date is a clown.  That is why I have perfected the perfect date night lip routine to keep your lips soft and kissable.

To start you should buff your lips.  We buff our skin and rid it of dry, dead skin so why not do the same where it really counts?    What I do is I apply naturals chap-stick liberly all over my lips as a base, then in a small jar I mix 1TBS of honey with 1TSP of sugar.  I coat my lips with this sweet mixture and rub in.  After I let it sit and absorb the dead skin for about 2 minutes I take a washcloth and dampen it with warm water and buff my lips until the mixture and the dead skin is gone!

Next it’s time to choose your products.  I have very thin dry lips so two key parts of my date night lips are a good chap base and lip liner.   Lips are always the last thing I do in my makeup routine, especially with red lipstick because it can be a big mess!  So after my face is done up and perfect I base my lips with a all natural lip balm, this time I used Neutrogena all natural lip balm.  Then I lined my lips with Sephora cream lip liner in base which is a nude color.  I try not to use dark lip liners because those can often look tacky even with red lips so I stay as nude as I can, I don’t use lip liner for color but to just define my lips.  I prefer to use a lip brush when it comes to red lipstick because it is such a high pigmented color that any little bump and mistake will show without the right precision.  For the lipstick I chose my Maybelline Red Revival in the brightest red I could find, which is number 645.  Using the lip brush I start at the bottom lip and sweep up to the corners, but make sure not apply in the corners because that is how you get clown mouth.  I usually put a lot of focus into the top of my lip so I can really define the arch giving it a plump look.  To top it all over and glossed my lips with a clear sparkle Sephora lip gloss in pearl.  After my lips are done I blot them with some tissue and pull my finger through my mouth to take off any excess.

I have red hair so sometimes red lips can be a bit too much for a date so I try to make it whimsicle.  Here I added my Makeup Forever gel liner in teal and one of my handmade hair pieces.  This is my version of a 20’s girl in the city!

So remember, the key to perfect date night lips is for them to be kissable and soft, so always keep your lip balm and gloss on hand for touch-ups and the best way to pull off a bright red lip is confidence!  Happy kissing.


Handmade Unique Clips

When I’m not spending my time raiding the beauty counters you can find me at the flea markets.  My favorite thing to do is to take something old and make it new.  I’ve turned posters into lampshades and bowls into vases but the thing I enjoy the most is turning vintage buttons, pins, earrings or even pendants into wearable art.  I started doing this a few years ago and I always found the best advertisement for my accessories is to wear them.

I fashioned this from a button I found off of a pair of children’s overalls from the 80’s I found at a flea market and embellished  it with foam petals to make a flower
effect.  I attached it to a felt-backed reinforced hair clip for stability.

For this piece I used a white elastic band I had on hand and attached a beaded fabric metal back pin that I found in a consignment shop turning it into a headband, I kept the metal backing for support but also because I like to maintain as much of the vintage piece that I can.




This is my birds of a feather clip that I made inspired by the 20’s.  I found an old cloche hat that was riddled with holes and I salvaged however much of the feathers I could and make as many clips as I could and this was always a favorite of mine because I fashioned it with an blue pearl earring I found at a flea market.

This is my favorite piece by far.  I found this peacock pendant at a vintage shop and it was originally meant to be sewn onto clothing as a good luck charm (that is why I kept the loop!) I attached it to some fabric leaves I had a fashioned it to a felt enforced hair clip.

These are just a few examples of how I like to expel my creativity when I’m not taking it out on my eyelids.  If you’re looking to start making your own accessories and want some tips or even if you’d like me to make a custom piece let me know!  Happy flea hunting!

Sephora Smoky Cream Liner

I was walking around NYC not too long ago and decided to free my mind at the local Sephora, I consider these trips special because I can never enter a Sephora store without blowing my bank account.  Spring was just in bloom and I was inspired by the bright blue skies and the flowers and the breeze so I made an impulse purchase of electric blue gel liner.  The official product name is Sephora Smoky Cream Liner in Electric Teal.    I grew out of the electric blue shades phase in my late teens and I’m still not sure why I wanted to give it another go, but here it is!

To create this look I used a pink palette…like I said I was inspired by spring.  As always I primed my eyes with an under eye concealer and the lid with a shadow primer.  For the base color I used Avon true color eyeshadow quad,aquadelic and I used the coral crush color.  To add the smoke effect I used bright pigment shadow from Cupcake Cult in electric pink and to highlight I used Sephora highlighter shimmer in Aspen Summit.   Finished my look with the Sephora Electric Teal liner and L’oreal million lashes mascara.

There really is no reasonable place for me to wear this color unless I’m out at a club but nonetheless I thought it was wild and fun and a good mix for spring.  Coming in at a modest $12 I expected a lot more.  While the color was bright and lived up to it’s electric name the application itself was a tricky one, not to pat myself on the back but I can put on liquid liner in the dark.  It is indeed a gel base and I’ve had difficulties with them in the past.  I expected it to glide on a lot smoother then it did, it was almost bumpy and I kept getting those skip marks which isn’t a deal breaker, just adds more work.  It was easy to build up more drama with each new stroke but after a while I noticed it started to crumble as some gel liners do.  At first I thought maybe I was pressing too hard but on a softer application it still crumbled.    Overall I did achieve the look I wanted, bright springy, young and a little wild but it took more work then I think it was worth.  With the product alone I wasn’t 100% pleased but I did love the color and the dramatic effect and would continue using this product until it’s finished..whether or not I buy another one is yet to be seen. Happy blending!

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, Concealer and Powder

I am a sucker for new products so when I heard about Maybelline launching a foundation that guarentees to fit any skin tone and type I was hooked.  I have always had trouble finding a good shade because I have red patches on my cheeks from dry skin and some old acne scars so often times I would have to buy the really heavy expensive foundations which felt like a mask on my skin.  Skeptically I went to the drug store to give it a try!  The display was unlike anything I had seen before, there were rows and rows of shades and numbers which would have been overwhelming for me but they had little tester bottles so I could pick the right number without concern.  I have a medium skin tone with warm undertones so I gravitated toward the 200’s.  After tested about 4 shades on my wrist (always test on the inside of your wrist to get the best match) I settled on 210.  In the bottle it looked really dark but it seemed to blend perfectly with my tone.  From there I was able to match by number the concealer and the powder, but the biggest test was yet to come.

I took it home and immediatly started my makeup routine.  I washed my face of any makeup and dirt and mosturized with an SPF daytime lotion then primed my face with my favorite base.  The foundation is a silky liquid so I thought it best to apply with a foundation brush.  To use with a brush pour a little out onto your hand and work with it from there so not to make a mess out of your bottle.  Start building foundation up from your problems areas and blending as you go.  I started with the inner of my cheeks and my chin and blending it in with my brush stroking up to avoid streaking.  This foundation is a medium coverage so I did have to go back over some problem areas after it was blended but a good thing is that it is creamy enough that it let me build up the coverage without looking like a thick cakey mess.  It felt like I wasn’t wearing anything, it was light with a fresh scent.

 Right away I found a problem with the foundation, unlike  other  liquid makeups I use this one did not have a pump so it was a pour  and go foundation and after I had  finished applying it to my face  there was  still a bit left on  my hand and I hate wasting makeup.  A good thing was that it didn’t set right away so it gave my time to really blend it well to avoid streaks.  I was a little worried that it would not be enough coverage because of how light it was but I didn’t have a problem covering my issues at all

Next step was the concealer.  Right away I must warn you that I am not a fan of liquid concealers because they often look like patted on cake and can bring more attention to your problem areas that take away from them, I much prefer mineral powder concealers but since it promised to match my skin tone and look natural I gave it a try.   I started by applying it under my eyes like a always do and then quickly patted it in to blend because most of the time with liquid they dry really fast not leaving enough time to work with it.  To my surprise it didn’t dry out but stayed moist allowing me to use the concealer on the rest of my trouble areas before blending it in saving me time.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with this concealer because it didn’t look cracked or caked at all but it was smooth and really did it’s job.

Lastly it was time to set my makeup the biggest test of all.  The compact came with a powder puff and a mirror which I appreciate but I used a bronzer brush because that is what I prefer.  I didn’t want a thick powder to dull the dewiness of  the makeup I just applied but I went in with an open mind.  The powder was light and silky and instead of just setting the makeup and leaving my face feeling like a powdery mask it set my makeup and kept the dewy soft look I prefer.  I was also amazed at how closely it matched the liquid foundation and concealer perfectly without any of those annoying chin lines or orange and dark spots.

When I was finished I really felt as if I wasn’t wearing any makeup at all.  It was soft and dewy and I could smile without cracking the foundation.  Best of all it fit my skin color giving credit to it’s name.  In the end I was pleased with the results and I didn’t feel like it was hurting my skin like other thick creams do and skin care is most important when it comes to makeup.  Another big plus is that it is very affordable!  Coming it at under $7 a pieces and around $24 for the set it is a deal considering you get foundation, concealer and powder.  Overall I would give this set a 9 out of 10.  Only changes I would make is to add a pump to the bottle and a brush instead of a puff for the powder, but those are minor picky things!  I suggest you try it for yourself, if you have red dry skin like mine it worked wonders in covering red patches and I will continue to use this makeup…until the next big launch comes around.  Happy blending!

*I used Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and Powder #210 and concealer #25.  L’oreal magic perfecting base.  Sephora Shadow in gold dust and pearl and L’oreal million lashes mascara.

L’oreal Studio Secret Magic Perfecting Base

If you have problems covering flaws on your skin with foundation and concealer alone then you should always start off with a good primer.  Primer is not only important to help flawed skin but is also a great base for your makeup.

I recently started using L’oreal studio secret professional magic perfecting base.  It’s lightweight and creamy and has a fresh smell to it, unlike the harsh toners that you can find in beauty department stores.  It is my “spackle”.  I have dry skin with red patches on my cheeks and chin and some acne scars from when I was a kid and I found that if I use foundation and concelear alone I still have a lot of trouble keeping my face smooth.  This magic perfecting base almost goes on like a second skin it not only fills in some scars and lines but it also helps my foundation to glide on smooth for a more even skin tone.

My routine with this primer is I also cleanse my skin before putting on makeup because chances are I left behind some dirt and oil from the night before and putting makeup on dirty skin will only lead to breakouts and clogged pores.  Before I put on the primer I use a lightweight day moisturizer that has some SPF in it to help protect against sun damage and will also keep my skin soft throughout the day.  I wait a few moments before using the magic perfecting base to that my moisturizer has set in to my skin.  Some people use brushes and sponges for the base but I find this base to be thick enough to use with my fingertips so i’m not wasting any that would be absorbed into the sponge.  I always start out with my problems areas, mainly my cheeks and chin and dot it on and blend it into my skin in a circle motion using my fingertips.  After the primer has set in you can feel if you’re missed spots by running your fingers over your face.

Even if you’re not wearing makeup on top of the primer it still works great to keep your patchy skin even.  There are only a few problems I have with this product, I find that if it isn’t blended well enough into my skin that it can get patchy and sticky so it does add a few extra minutes to my morning routine.  Also it retails at $13 which isn’t a bank breaker but coming it at only .2 ounces it doesn’t seem to be enough product for the price, and I use it every time I apply makeup or go out for the day so I go through a lot of it.

I think it is very important to use a primer for your makeup especially if you have dry prone skin like I do.  I would recommended this primer because it’s creamy and rich and gets the job done, as long as you can overlook the price!

*Image belongs to L’oreal

E.L.F Foundation Brush

If you’re like me you don’t like getting your hands dirty when it comes to applying foundation.  I’ve messed with sponges, puffs, tissue and everything else I can think of but the one tool that I prefer overall is a foundation brush.

Some people find that foundation brushes can leave the makeup streaky and also soaks up a lot of their makeup, wasting it.  To avoid streak you should apply the makeup in an upwards motion sweeping on the foundation while applying instead of pressing it into your skin.  If you’re having trouble blending it in with the brush  (don’t worry it takes some getting used to!) just blend with a sponge after you’ve applied it.   If you are looking for more coverage it is always good to start with a light base and build up from there.  To keep your brush from wasting your foundation you should damp the bristles first, that will also help the foundation glide and help you achieve the airbrush look.

When it comes to the perfect foundation brush..there really is no such thing!  It depends on your individual taste.  There is everything from bamboo sticks to plastic and natural to synthetic fiber you just should find the right fit for you!

If you’re looking for a good foundation brush that is really cost friendly try the E.L.F foundation brush.  I found this brush at Target and it was only $1 and I can’t resist trying new stuff out.  It works really well for what it costs, I like to use it on my lighter foundations because it works really well when I need to build up the coverage.

If you find it doesn’t work for you don’t worry because there are many other uses!  It’s great for blending shadows, mixing foundations, and even applying facial cream or masks.  Happy blending!

*Image belongs to E.L.F