Influenster JollVoxBox Unboxing!

Hey guys! It has been a crazy holiday month and I’m sorry I haven’t been around as much, but with the season ending you best believe I will be back!
Here is my latest Unboxing video of the Unboxing of the JollyVoxBox that I received from Influenster!
Stay tuned for a full run down and review of these products.
Lots of love,

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Birchbox October 2013 | Unboxing and Exciting News!

Hey loves! This is my Birchbox October 2013 Unboxing and first impression!
Thanks for watching!

Birchbox blog Ruffian Manicure |

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Annie’s Macaroni and Cheese | Mom Seal of Approval


In a world filled with sugar and lollipops and with the childhood obesity epidemic it is more important than every to feed our kids good wholesome foods, which brings me to my son. My son David is four and very picky! We have always tried our best to feed him well, we stick to fresh ingredients and meals filled with whole grains and veggies and try to restrict eating out to only a few times a year! The older my son gets the harder it is to keep finding creative ways to introduce healthy foods to him because…well..he is just too wise to our tricky ways! So when influesnter sent me the Annie’s organic mac and cheese to try out the first person I thought of was David.
While I do cook for my family just about every night, there are some nights that are just too hectic and I have to throw something together for him while trying to keep in mind the health factor. I was sent the Annie’s microwaveable mac and cheese in the while cheddar flavor and when one of those busy nights rolled around I knew just what to feed him. While I’m easier to please I knew that the best judge would be him. I was a little nervous about this however because these microwaveable cups are comparable to the Kraft easy macs but my mind was put at ease when I read the ingredients. Organic made pasta and real cheese! Perfect!
So I served David his Annie’s Mac and cheese and instantly got his seal of approval. He literally ate the whole thing up in the matter of minutes (also letting my husband and I take a bite!) and I was impressed. It didn’t taste like how I imagined microwaveable mac and cheese would, it was creamy and didn’t taste like overly processed cheese, so it gets the moms seal of approval too.
While I will continue to make homemade wholesome meals it is nice to have another option for those lazy nights, an option that I feel less guilty about and that my pickiest of eaters loves too!

Happy Eating!

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**I was sent this product for review from but I was not paid for my opinion, they are my true thoughts!


Influenster Cheese Surprise, Plus a Surprise For You!

My Goodies From Influenster!

My Goodies From Influenster!

I am an Influesnter lover, if you don’t know what Influesnter is, hang tight, because I will give a few of you the opportunity to join the elite!
Influenster is an invite only club (yes you can sign up but if you do so without an invite it can take a while to be accepted) where they send out monthly VoxBoxes full of goodies (if you qualify for them) for free! Now if you think that it’s a place to get free stuff and that’s it then it probably isn’t the place for you. In return they ask you to review these products and send them some social media love, so they are looking for people who are big opinion givers on social media and those who love trying new stuff!
In addition to their monthly boxes they do other programs a few times a month and I was sent their latest one. A box of goodies from Sargento Cheese. The box included a voucher for a free package of their new snack cheeses and dollar off coupon for any Sargento product of my choosing, along with a really cute insulated pouch that fits the snack size cheese (perfect for my son’s lunch box!)
It just so happens that Saragento cheese is my favorite brand that can be found in every grocery store. They are not super processed like most cheeses and I love how their stuff comes perfectly portioned which is great for those of us on a diet. Right now i’m really into protein intake and cheese is a great source! So this little treat I received in the mail today was AWESOME!
Now the good part…I have long since run out of invites but Influenster has granted us with a few more invites to send out to who we wish…so this is where you come in:

I’m looking for people who love to test products and give their honest opinion and people who want to join us at Influenster! If this you leave me a comment with your email and the first four will receive my last four invites!

I really do love influesnter, and its not all about cheese and food! They send out many different boxes, even beauty boxes full of awesome beauty products to try as well! So there is something for everyone. So let’s keep the fun rolling!

Good Luck!

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I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes

My Birchbox: August 2013

It’s that time of the month again, when all the stars align and the birds are chirping and my lovely Birchbox makes it’s way to my doorstep. In case you don’t know what Birchbox is, it is a monthly subscription service that sends you 4-6 beauty and lifestyle samples (and sometimes full size products!) for you to try and review and it only costs $10 a month, and what is really great is that for every product you review you get 10 points which equals to one dollar, so basically you get $5 a month to spend at their store. I’ve been saving up my points for something nice and I think I have about $25 worth to spend. Just for girls? Nah! They now have boxes for men so everyone can join the fun.

Depending on the beauty and lifestyle info you fill out on your profile determines what samples you will receive that month and also depending on their theme. This months theme was “Finishing School” so it’s all about getting a fresh start to a new season.

Now lets get down to my box. I recieved 3 samples, one full size item and lifestyle extra which isn’t to shabby. I’ve had this box for a week so I’ve been able to really test the products and give you a fair opinion, so lets get to it!

First sample I grabbed was the Dr.Jart+ Premium BB cream. Right off the bat I was pretty disappointed with the tiny sample size but I still gave it a good ole’ try. This product claims to even out skin tone while is contains SPF and antiaging benefits, so right away I’m hooked. Now I have to be honest, I am not a BB cream fan, I find them to be oily and not very long lasting. This one however went on smooth and didn’t leave my skin feeling slick, in fact, this is the first one I tried where I didn’t have to layer foundation over it. Unfortunately I can’t tell you about benefits because the sample was too small to tell. This will not be a full size purchase for me because the price isn’t what I would spend on a BB cream but if you are looking for a really good one, this might be for you.
* Dr.Jart+ BB Cream retails for $39 for a full size

Next we have the Jasmine Seven Fresh Foot Wipes’. This was the product I was least excited about because while I understand the idea behind cleaning your feet off during the day, they just don’t work for my life. By the time I get home and get my shoes off I’m in the shower anyways. I did, however, find them as a nice excuse to get my husband to massage my feet. They claim to soften your feet with aloe, peppermint and vitamin e and while that might be the case they just have no use to me so, big dud.
*Jasmine Seven Fresh Foot Wipes retail for $25.95 for a full size pack

Next I got the Number 4 ‘Super Comb Prep and Protect’. This is a leave conditioning spray that also protects color and protects from UV rays. I have to say I loved this product. I really felt as if my hair was being protected, it didn’t feel as dry after a day in the sun and it did make my hair easier to comb through and the sample size I was sent was a really nice size as well. The only downside for me was the smell. It was an almost overwhelming cocoa butter smell which isn’t my favorite, but I have to say the pros outweighed the con. Best of all it only takes a couple little squirts to saturate my hair so I feel this sample will last me a while!

*Number 4 spray retails for $32 for a full size

Last product I recieved was a full size lipstick! ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick in “Disco Fever’. It was a beautiful matte lipstick in a very wearable peachy orange shade. I was worried that it would go on too orange but it actually has become my favorite shade to wear because it really compliments my olive skin. Plus is was full size, so it was practically the cost of the box entirely (this did make up for the DUD foot wipes!) I also found this lipstick to be very buildable and super pigmented and lasted a good amount of time.  I will probably find myself repurchasing this brand.

*ModelCo Party Proof lipsticks come in a set of three and retail for $24

Now we come to the lifestyles extra. This is a little something extra that Birchbox likes to pass on to their subscribers and this month I got the TanTowel. TanTowel is a self tan towelette that claims to give an even natural tan with just a swipe. I do not tan, I do not sun tan, I do not self tan. If I ever need some extra glow I always go to my Lorac tan lotion so I was nervous about this one, but it was a bonus so why not. It takes a few hours and up to a day to see the full effect and I didn’t know if it was me and my lack of tan knowledge but it left giant streaks on my arms. As suggested I did shower and exfoliate before hand so who knows. On the plus side, it didn’t smell funky and was easy to apply so maybe this will work for a tan enthusiast.

*TanTowel wipes retail for $24 for a full size pack

So that’s it for my August Birchbox, I have to say that it wasn’t my favorite because I feel like I got a few things that aren’t new to Birchbox and stuff I’ve seen other bloggers talk about getting in their Birchboxes months and months ago and I’m all about NEW NEW NEW, so we’ll have to see how next months box shapes out!

If you’re interested in learning more about Birchbox shoot over to their page, and while you may not always be happy with a product or two, half the fun is trying new things and making an opinion of your own. Also, if you got a box this month let me know below what you got and how you like it! Don’t forget to subscribe because I just had a big birthday and oh man did I get spoiled with products from the hubby so I will give you all the rundown soon!

Lots of love!


Birchbox Homepage

Worth the Fuss??

Because I am such an addict when it comes to beauty research, I often come across products that create a buzz in the beauty blogging world and like any normal addict I have to indulge.

So there have been two products that I’ve been hearing good things about and both happen to be drugstore brands which is great for my wallet but the important question is, are they worth the buzz? Lets find out!

First we have the Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation. This claims to be a full coverage foundation which also triples as a primer and a concealer which is suppose to provide an oil free finish. Wait, so I don’t have to use a primer or a concealer?? Color me skeptical. I have a warm medium skin tone and as far as flaws go mine are some discoloration and some serious redness, so if this foundation could conceal my clown face, I will be surprised.
Before I applied the foundation I started with a freshly washed faced and some light moisturizer as well as under eye cream. I applied it using my Sonja Kashuk buffing brush (no.130) and right away I could tell it would be full coverage so I only applied a thin layer. After a few minutes of inspecting my face I felt that it didn’t do enough concealing for me so I had to rely on my good ole’ conceal stick on my cheeks and under eyes. In all fairness I used only about half the concealer then I normally would. After some contouring, high lightening, blushing, and finishing with a matte powder I was really impressed with this finish. (You can check out my ‘oh so lovely’ before and after below)
3 in 1? Meh. Nice coverage with a lasting finish? Absolutely.
**Covergirl’s 3 in 1 foundation retails for around $10 and I purchased mine in 832 Nude Beige**

Next buzz product is a pack of eyeshadows that have made many appearances in some on my favorite beauty blogger videos so naturally I had to give them a shot!
Wet n Wild ColorIcon shadow trios claims to be soft and easy to use color combinations that compliment each other and are fool proof. Full disclosure I was nervous about this product because I am not a huge fan of this brand but I went in with a open mind.
I purchased mine in the shade “Walking on Eggshells” which is a nude pallet which is always what I go for. I was TOTALLY surprised by how much I loved it. It was so soft and smooth it felt like butter and the colors blended really well together for a great “natural smoke.” In all honesty I can wait to go back and purchase other shades! (You can check out how it looked on the lids below)

**Wet n Wild pallets retail for $3.99**


I would say that these are totally worth the fuss and the buzz and best of all I got them both on sale at my local drugstore which isn’t too shabby! If you have a buzz product you’d like me to try, leave me some love below because chances are I’ve tried it or already been eyeing it.

Happy blending and don’t forget to follow!


Birchbox Review!

7_22_2013 1_50_13 PM_jpg
If you read my last post you know that I received my Birchbox full of goodies and as promised here is a quick review of some of the lovely products I received, (if you want to learn more about Birchbox check out my last post for the deets!)

The first product is the exclusive Birchbox+Color Club nail polish collection. I received my polish in the color “London Calling” which is a really pretty mint shade that totally reminds me of grasshopper sundaes. I’m not going to lie, I have had such an obsession with mint that I have already purchased a few mint shades from other brands but i’m always excited to try new brands so no complaints here. Off the bat the shade was more pastel then I expected, almost white so it was more washed out then my other mint products…and then there was the quality. It went on chalky and separated a bit so it did take quite a few coats to even it out and worst of all I found it chipped right off the bat. Full disclosure I did not use a top coat because I wanted to test the durability. Overall the product was o.k. not something I got too excited over.
**The Birchbox Wanderlust color collection retails for $8 and is sold in a four pack.**

The next product is the Juicy Couture sample perfume “Couture La La”. I am a Juicy Couture perfume fan, I love the smells and the bottles and La La did not disappoint. It is described as a light mandarin scent with white floral notes. It’s light and perfect for summer. The only miss with this product (which I find with many of the Juicy scents) is that is isn’t a very long lasting scent. After an hour in the heat it was barely noticeable. This would be a re-purchase for me because I love citrus scents, they make me feel light and almost effortless!
**The Juicy Couture La La retails for $19-90 for a full size product**

Next we have the lovely Whish shaving cream in blueberry. First off…how cute is that name? Super girly and fun. Blueberry…they were not kidding! This has some serious scent power, I think I could smell it from the next room which might be a turn off for some people but not for me! Now let’s get down to business, shaving business. What I look for in a shaving cream in a thick lather and no residue. While this product didn’t leave a greasy after shave residue feeling it did not lather as well as I would have liked. It did however make the shaving process more enjoyable because of the sweet berry smell and the almost lotion like quality. I would consider re-purchasing this product in the future…if only for the scent.
**The Whish shaving cream in blueberry retails for $20 for the full size product**

Last but not least we have the Coola classic cucumber face moisturizer with SPF. This product claims to be a full on mineral sunblock which is organic. I take sun protection very seriously since there is a history of skin cancer in my family and I find that most face SPF’s have a horrible scent and a greasy feel so it’s hard to make skin care enjoyable and I had high hopes for this moisturizer because I am OBSESSED with cucumbers. After the first day I was excited, I thought I had finally found the one, but the honeymoon stage quickly wore off. I found that as the day went on the scent turned almost bitter and it was hard to ignore, as if it would get stronger throughout the day. As for the texture I was pleasantly surprised. It was not greasy at all and I would say the lightness of the cream is comparable to Proactive’s Green Tea moisturizer (which I love.) Unfortunately I couldn’t get past this scent, so this would not be a repurchase for me.
**Coola’s classic cucumber moisturizer retails for $32 for the full size product**

Overall I was pleased with my Birchbox, going into Birchbox you know that not every product will be a hit for you but half the fun about being a girl is trying everything new and exciting and discovering something that will work for you. For $10 a month Birchbox is totally worth the journey so if you’re interested check it out, and if you already have it leave me some love below and let me know what you got this month!
Happy Blending!