Halloween Makeup Tutorial : Sugar Skull


October is almost here and that means it almost time for us parents to run around town with our kids trying to hold onto our sanity. While I’m long past my costume wearing prime, I refuse to follow the rules. My son loves that I dress up with him and it’s just a lot of fun.
This is a quick tutorial video on how I do one of my favorite Halloween looks, plus it’s really easy and quick and best of all you can be 100% creative with it. The colors, styles and designs are all up to you and mistakes are encouraged!
So check out of I pull off my Day of the Dead Sugar Skull look. If you try this out take a picture and tag me on Instagram @mkateholmes I would love to check it out!

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Lots of Love…and trick or treat?


Decorating on a budget

As a mom on a budget I find that I have to get creative when it comes to making our home nice. It no secret that I have on obsession with mason jars. Every flee market or thrift store I visit I always seems to pick up a mason jar (or two…) so I thought, why not transform them into a lovely table scale? Best part of all the whole thing cost me under $8! Here’s how!
First I got the jars, three of them in various sizes and designs from the thrift store for a total of $2. While I love the look of them, I wanted to transform them into something a little more high end. There are many way to do this, there is paint, glitter, ribbon and so on. I went with paint. At my local home wares store I picked up two paint samples, blue and turquoise, for around a dollar each. I painted the inside of the two larger jars with each color and mixed them together for a complimentary color for the smaller jar (sorry for the color jargon, I went to art school!)
As for the flowers, I just picked up a couple of yellow and white stems from the dollar store and simply trimmed them to size. I only put them in the larger jar, we end up using the smaller jars for little trinkets we find, or a place to keep our keys. And last we had to table runner. I think our home style is ‘bringing the outside in’ heavily inspired by nature. I saw inspiration is these amazing table runners at The Pottery Barn but of course they ran for a ridiculous $70. So I figured I would just make my own and it was a lot easier than you make think. I bought a yard and a half of this lovely green fabric from the craft store for around $2 and the make it easier I didn’t even crack open my sewing machine. I used some sewing adhesive instead and only used it to hide the edges because I liked the slightly rustic look.

All that was left was to put it together and sit back and enjoy. I am constantly getting good feedback on them and my family loves them as well. Let me know down below what inexpensive perks you have made to your home! With little time and money you really can transform a space. I think I’ll attack my bedroom next….
Happy Blending!