Handmade Unique Clips

When I’m not spending my time raiding the beauty counters you can find me at the flea markets.  My favorite thing to do is to take something old and make it new.  I’ve turned posters into lampshades and bowls into vases but the thing I enjoy the most is turning vintage buttons, pins, earrings or even pendants into wearable art.  I started doing this a few years ago and I always found the best advertisement for my accessories is to wear them.

I fashioned this from a button I found off of a pair of children’s overalls from the 80’s I found at a flea market and embellished  it with foam petals to make a flower
effect.  I attached it to a felt-backed reinforced hair clip for stability.

For this piece I used a white elastic band I had on hand and attached a beaded fabric metal back pin that I found in a consignment shop turning it into a headband, I kept the metal backing for support but also because I like to maintain as much of the vintage piece that I can.




This is my birds of a feather clip that I made inspired by the 20’s.  I found an old cloche hat that was riddled with holes and I salvaged however much of the feathers I could and make as many clips as I could and this was always a favorite of mine because I fashioned it with an blue pearl earring I found at a flea market.

This is my favorite piece by far.  I found this peacock pendant at a vintage shop and it was originally meant to be sewn onto clothing as a good luck charm (that is why I kept the loop!) I attached it to some fabric leaves I had a fashioned it to a felt enforced hair clip.

These are just a few examples of how I like to expel my creativity when I’m not taking it out on my eyelids.  If you’re looking to start making your own accessories and want some tips or even if you’d like me to make a custom piece let me know!  Happy flea hunting!


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