Birchbox October 2013 | Unboxing and Exciting News!

Hey loves! This is my Birchbox October 2013 Unboxing and first impression!
Thanks for watching!

Birchbox blog Ruffian Manicure |

Wanna sign up for Birchbox? It’s only $10 month! Use my link!

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4 thoughts on “Birchbox October 2013 | Unboxing and Exciting News!

  1. Hi Kate,
    Hope you’re feeling better & all is well in your world! I still want to comment on your yt videos but I refuse to cave in to the whole google+ thing. My inner rebel just won’t let me. So I went lookin’ & found your blog. Now Im excited to binge read your posts! Oh! I’m Bonnie Martin on yt btw, with the bonmar gmail address (that I never use. Created it forever ago and I can’t figure out how to delete it from yt & attach the email I DO use.) that sent you a geeky fan girl message about your stunning stop.a person in their tracks smile šŸ™‚
    Wow. I’m super tired tonight and this comment is very rambly. I promise Im usually coherent lol I do however seem to have a lot of interests in common with you and HATE that I can’t chime in after a video and “chat “. After finishing your winter tips for those of use with dry sponge skin a few minutes ago I was like I gotta find a way to talk to her! So is there a way to send you a message since I can’t comment? I know I used yt messaging before but I couldn’t get it to work tonight. If that’s just a random problem with the site (which is crazy talk because you know how reliable and non-glitchy yt messaging is *cough cough* eyeroll) is it ok to comment that way? Or email? If neither of those are ok it’s totally o’tay! I’m the stubborn a$$hat that won’t “give in to the maaan” This has gone on way long and rambly so I’ll stop but I did love your birchbox video. And I can totally fill you in on all the bb tips I’ve learned. If you work it right you can REALLY score. I’m actually over $100 AHEAD of what I’ve paid not even including 5he review points. Ok….I’m really stopping lol….too tired to be allowed a keyboard!
    Take Care & Happy very belated Thanksgiving!

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