Eyebrow Tutorial | Shape and Fill


Raise those eyebrows ladies, it’s time to get those caterpillars in check!
While it took me a lifetime to get mine correct I’m here to pass my trial and error wisdom along to you!
So here’s what you will need:
Eyebrow pencil (or powder, whichever you prefer)
Eyebrow gel
Eyebrow spoolie
Brow bone highlighter
Cream concealer

Now onto the basics!
My simple rules are to follow your natural brow shape, use your nose and your eyes as your guidelines, use short lines and strokes to keep them natural looking, and use a shade match to your roots.

Now that you have the ground rules down its time to jump into it, check out the below video for my full rundown. Remember, practice makes perfect!
Good luck!
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Golden Look Using The Urban Decay Naked Pallet

Hello and might I say a biiiig thank you! My blog has been going crazy with views and subscribers more these past couple weeks more than ever and it makes my little black heart melt. You guys are truly awesome!
Now lets get to the stuff we all love the most…beauty. If you saw my birthday haul blog you saw that my amazing husband gifted me the Urban Decay naked pallet and since then I have been non stop playing with different looks and combinations and decided to share some of my favorite looks with you all in an easy how-to series of videos.
So here is my first installment of this series and I hope you like it! I call it my “Golden Smoke” and its a really wearable look for night and day and plus it shimmers! If you try this look please take a shot of it and tag me on Instagram @mkateholmes so I can see the amazingness that is YOU.
In all seriousness you guys really do make my world go round.
Lots of love!
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Now on with the fun….

Benefit – They’re Real

Let me start off by saying hello. It has been an insane amount of time since my last post but I have been trying out other blogging outlets, moving cross state and having another baby. So I’ve been a touch busy. Don’t you fear though in my time off I have greatly increased my knowledge and collection and am super excited to pick up where I left off.

I am a sucker for mascara, if I was to say I haven’t tried it all then I would be lying. So during my most recent Sephora haul I came upon Benefit Cosmetics ‘They’re Real’ mascara and I had yet to try it which is odd because I am a totally Benefit girl and here is my review:
While the brush initially threw me off because I’m not the biggest fan of far apart bristles, I have to say I was impressed! The gel like formula did some serious coating to my lashes but didn’t clump once. It didn’t look like falsies which can be a problem for me because I have what is known as “crazy eyes”.
My lashes felt soft and just super luxurious so this was another big win for Benefit and a small loss for my bank account (sorry hunny!)
This mascara retails for around $20 a tube for the full size product. So go forth and purchase and happy blending!