Dr.Scholls For Her Comfort Insoles | A Life (and foot) Saver

I can tell by the clusters of orange and yellow on the ground that the chill of fall is officially in full swing. While this might bring some sadness to some people, to me it brings great joy in knowing that I can now crack open my closet and unleash all my shoes again!
Fall not to me not only means comfy sweaters and cardigans but also a great arrays foot candy like booties,wedges,boots,oxford flats,sneakers and any more! While I appreciate the much needed variety to my footwear, fall also means sore feet! I can no longer get away with wearing comfy flip flops and sandals ,or run around barefoot anymore, so my feet get really sore! But beauty is pain..right??
I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be! I use to just suck it up when it came to foot pain and I would cram my already throbbing toes in to my studded booties and go on with my day, but the older I get the harder it is to ignore the pain and even recover from it. My last night out I swear my feet hurt so bad that my toes were numb for a week…totally not healthy.
That’s why my newest box from Influenster could not have come at a better time! Not only did I get lots of goodies to pamper myself with, but I also got a pair of the Dr.Scholls For Her comfort insoles to try on my tired feet. I never really thought of trying insoles out in my fall flats so I wanted to give them a good go so I could give you my honest verdict….and I love them!
They really helped to comfort my feet, my biggest problem is cushion. My fall shoes never seem to have enough comfort for me in the soles and that’s what leads to all of the foot and leg pain, and in one day I felt such a difference. My legs were not nearly as sore as they usually are and the bottoms of my feet did not get numb. Best part is I was able to spend a whole day out with the kids in some of my most fashionable shoes without any missteps.
So I am here to tell you girls, you do not have to suffer anymore! You no longer have to trade beauty for pain or make sacrifices on days out with the family by
by throwing on those grandma shoes…you heard it here first!
So thank you Dr.Scholls and Influenster for letting me try these out and I’m happy to spread the word!

Lots of love!

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September Beauty Favorites and More!


Hello my dears!
Now that September has come to an end I’m going to give you my run down of all the products and things that I’ve been in love with this September, a couple of fails as well!
What gave you been loving this Septemver? Let me know below!!

Lots of love!
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The Ruffian Manicure | How To!


Just when I thought I was bored with nail art something new comes my way! If you’re like me, you’re favorite part of nail art is getting to be creative and giving these neat looks your own spin, and the Ruffian manicure does not disappoint.
The Ruffian manicure is the brainchild of the new Ruffian nail lacquer (which I was lucky enough to get to try out in my September Birchbox.). The idea behind the manicure is a throwback to old Hollywood half moon nails and my favorite part of this manicure is that you get to be totally creative which the colors, texture and styles. While I did receive a Ruffian nail lacquer in my Birchbox, it was a dark green color and I’ve been wearing it for weeks, I wanted to show you my lighter, shinier version of this look! Here’s how I pulled it off:

Because this is a duo color look you’re going to need at least two shades, not to mention a killer base and top coat! Because I can never decide on anything I decides to go for a three shade look! As my base coat I’m using Sally Hansen’s complete manicure polish in their pink nude shade. First I made sure that my nails were prepped by trimming my cuticles and making sure my nails were clean and free of any old polish or oils. So I applied my base coat and let it dry, it is very important to let them fully dry before the next step!

Next I added those little paper hole saver stickers to the top part of my nails (Ruffian does make their own nail stickers and I believe they are for sale in the Birchbox online store) you want to leave enough nail at the base of your nails so that there is a half moon shape exposed.

Next take the whichever shade you choose to fill in that half moon, I chose to go with this beautiful Julep polish in the shade ‘Madison-Classic with a Twist’. Don’t be afraid to get some polish on the stickers….that’s what they’re there for!!
After the polish is dry very carefully remove the stickers, don’t be afraid of mistakes, you can always touch up and fix with your top coat. Now the next step is optional….but gorgeous! While you have a perfectly acceptable Ruffian manicure, what’s the harm in adding a little sparkle? I filled over my first base coat at the top of my nails with Julep’s glittery gold polish ‘Oscar-It Girl’. I loved this step because it added beautiful dimension and made my manicure just a little bit different, and that’s basically me In a nutshell. The last step is to let that glitter dry and top it off with your top coat, I’m using the Nail Aid ‘Hardener’.


That’s it! You have an amazing Ruffian manicure, which I think is such a classic look with a sparkle twist. The best part for me? When the manicure fades away I still have a ton of different color combos to choose from so it never gets boring! If you try this look out, take a snap of it and tag me in Instagram @mkateholmes so I can check it out!
Most importantly, have fun. I bet you’ll “nail” it (insert my corny laugh here)

Lots of Love!

If you wanna check out the professionals tutorial on how to pull off this look click here:
Birchbox | Ruffian Manicure
If you just wanna a birchbox of your very own:
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Halloween Makeup Tutorial : Sugar Skull


October is almost here and that means it almost time for us parents to run around town with our kids trying to hold onto our sanity. While I’m long past my costume wearing prime, I refuse to follow the rules. My son loves that I dress up with him and it’s just a lot of fun.
This is a quick tutorial video on how I do one of my favorite Halloween looks, plus it’s really easy and quick and best of all you can be 100% creative with it. The colors, styles and designs are all up to you and mistakes are encouraged!
So check out of I pull off my Day of the Dead Sugar Skull look. If you try this out take a picture and tag me on Instagram @mkateholmes I would love to check it out!

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Lots of Love…and trick or treat?

Get Ready With Me Date Edition!

Last night was Sunday night, so you know what that means….date night! Every Sunday my husband an I put the kids to bed nice and early and cook ourselves an awesome meals…often times new ones we haven’t tried before. The best part? We get super gussed up! Yeah it’s silly and weird but we love it, and I really think that it’s little things like this that keep relationships fresh and fun.
So follow me as I attempted to get myself fancied up for our date!

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Love you guys to pieces!

Birchbox September 2013 Unboxing and First Impressions!

It’s finally here! After a week of craziness and odd shipping patterns, my Birchbox finally arrived! So here is a little video of my first impressions of my September Birchbox! Did I love it…or hate it? See for yourself!
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As soon as I try these products I am going to write a blog review so stay tuned.
Lots of Love!

Golden Look Using The Urban Decay Naked Pallet

Hello and might I say a biiiig thank you! My blog has been going crazy with views and subscribers more these past couple weeks more than ever and it makes my little black heart melt. You guys are truly awesome!
Now lets get to the stuff we all love the most…beauty. If you saw my birthday haul blog you saw that my amazing husband gifted me the Urban Decay naked pallet and since then I have been non stop playing with different looks and combinations and decided to share some of my favorite looks with you all in an easy how-to series of videos.
So here is my first installment of this series and I hope you like it! I call it my “Golden Smoke” and its a really wearable look for night and day and plus it shimmers! If you try this look please take a shot of it and tag me on Instagram @mkateholmes so I can see the amazingness that is YOU.
In all seriousness you guys really do make my world go round.
Lots of love!
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Now on with the fun….