My Husband Did My Makeup.

Hey ya’ll (who am I kidding I’m from NY I can not pull off a ya’ll). Anyways…for those of you who don’t know, I am married to the most awesome guy ever who lets me be silly and loves me for it. 11 years together and 2 kids later we have found the secret to keeping it fresh: just be completely ridiculous together.
We are known to run out and jump in the rain, or have a late night dance party. Its all about the fun, so when I asked him if he would do my makeup for a blog he jumped on it.

I have to say I was quite surprised. The only time I started to freak out was when he picked up my beloved blending brush and started to dip it in my bronzer. He certainly went for it, he even attempted liquid liner and used my Lancôme mascara which has a difficult wand to work with. All though he did invent this new move where he would stand behind me to apply the mascara which is totally scary.
It literally took an hour and came out pretty well, I was shocked. He told me that he has “paid attention” over the years. Totally cute. This is why I appreciate my husband so much, he is always willing to be a little crazy with me no matter how much embarrassment it causes him.
So enjoy our live-action shots of the fun and as always, happy blending!


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