Worth the Fuss??

Because I am such an addict when it comes to beauty research, I often come across products that create a buzz in the beauty blogging world and like any normal addict I have to indulge.

So there have been two products that I’ve been hearing good things about and both happen to be drugstore brands which is great for my wallet but the important question is, are they worth the buzz? Lets find out!

First we have the Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation. This claims to be a full coverage foundation which also triples as a primer and a concealer which is suppose to provide an oil free finish. Wait, so I don’t have to use a primer or a concealer?? Color me skeptical. I have a warm medium skin tone and as far as flaws go mine are some discoloration and some serious redness, so if this foundation could conceal my clown face, I will be surprised.
Before I applied the foundation I started with a freshly washed faced and some light moisturizer as well as under eye cream. I applied it using my Sonja Kashuk buffing brush (no.130) and right away I could tell it would be full coverage so I only applied a thin layer. After a few minutes of inspecting my face I felt that it didn’t do enough concealing for me so I had to rely on my good ole’ conceal stick on my cheeks and under eyes. In all fairness I used only about half the concealer then I normally would. After some contouring, high lightening, blushing, and finishing with a matte powder I was really impressed with this finish. (You can check out my ‘oh so lovely’ before and after below)
3 in 1? Meh. Nice coverage with a lasting finish? Absolutely.
**Covergirl’s 3 in 1 foundation retails for around $10 and I purchased mine in 832 Nude Beige**

Next buzz product is a pack of eyeshadows that have made many appearances in some on my favorite beauty blogger videos so naturally I had to give them a shot!
Wet n Wild ColorIcon shadow trios claims to be soft and easy to use color combinations that compliment each other and are fool proof. Full disclosure I was nervous about this product because I am not a huge fan of this brand but I went in with a open mind.
I purchased mine in the shade “Walking on Eggshells” which is a nude pallet which is always what I go for. I was TOTALLY surprised by how much I loved it. It was so soft and smooth it felt like butter and the colors blended really well together for a great “natural smoke.” In all honesty I can wait to go back and purchase other shades! (You can check out how it looked on the lids below)

**Wet n Wild pallets retail for $3.99**


I would say that these are totally worth the fuss and the buzz and best of all I got them both on sale at my local drugstore which isn’t too shabby! If you have a buzz product you’d like me to try, leave me some love below because chances are I’ve tried it or already been eyeing it.

Happy blending and don’t forget to follow!



2 thoughts on “Worth the Fuss??

    • The Balm ‘meet matte nude’ is definitely an excellent pallet, especially if you’re a natural’s lover. In the summer though it’s always been my motto to make your face matte and your eyes shimmer and then I do the opposite in the colder seasons!

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