Birchbox Review!

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If you read my last post you know that I received my Birchbox full of goodies and as promised here is a quick review of some of the lovely products I received, (if you want to learn more about Birchbox check out my last post for the deets!)

The first product is the exclusive Birchbox+Color Club nail polish collection. I received my polish in the color “London Calling” which is a really pretty mint shade that totally reminds me of grasshopper sundaes. I’m not going to lie, I have had such an obsession with mint that I have already purchased a few mint shades from other brands but i’m always excited to try new brands so no complaints here. Off the bat the shade was more pastel then I expected, almost white so it was more washed out then my other mint products…and then there was the quality. It went on chalky and separated a bit so it did take quite a few coats to even it out and worst of all I found it chipped right off the bat. Full disclosure I did not use a top coat because I wanted to test the durability. Overall the product was o.k. not something I got too excited over.
**The Birchbox Wanderlust color collection retails for $8 and is sold in a four pack.**

The next product is the Juicy Couture sample perfume “Couture La La”. I am a Juicy Couture perfume fan, I love the smells and the bottles and La La did not disappoint. It is described as a light mandarin scent with white floral notes. It’s light and perfect for summer. The only miss with this product (which I find with many of the Juicy scents) is that is isn’t a very long lasting scent. After an hour in the heat it was barely noticeable. This would be a re-purchase for me because I love citrus scents, they make me feel light and almost effortless!
**The Juicy Couture La La retails for $19-90 for a full size product**

Next we have the lovely Whish shaving cream in blueberry. First off…how cute is that name? Super girly and fun. Blueberry…they were not kidding! This has some serious scent power, I think I could smell it from the next room which might be a turn off for some people but not for me! Now let’s get down to business, shaving business. What I look for in a shaving cream in a thick lather and no residue. While this product didn’t leave a greasy after shave residue feeling it did not lather as well as I would have liked. It did however make the shaving process more enjoyable because of the sweet berry smell and the almost lotion like quality. I would consider re-purchasing this product in the future…if only for the scent.
**The Whish shaving cream in blueberry retails for $20 for the full size product**

Last but not least we have the Coola classic cucumber face moisturizer with SPF. This product claims to be a full on mineral sunblock which is organic. I take sun protection very seriously since there is a history of skin cancer in my family and I find that most face SPF’s have a horrible scent and a greasy feel so it’s hard to make skin care enjoyable and I had high hopes for this moisturizer because I am OBSESSED with cucumbers. After the first day I was excited, I thought I had finally found the one, but the honeymoon stage quickly wore off. I found that as the day went on the scent turned almost bitter and it was hard to ignore, as if it would get stronger throughout the day. As for the texture I was pleasantly surprised. It was not greasy at all and I would say the lightness of the cream is comparable to Proactive’s Green Tea moisturizer (which I love.) Unfortunately I couldn’t get past this scent, so this would not be a repurchase for me.
**Coola’s classic cucumber moisturizer retails for $32 for the full size product**

Overall I was pleased with my Birchbox, going into Birchbox you know that not every product will be a hit for you but half the fun about being a girl is trying everything new and exciting and discovering something that will work for you. For $10 a month Birchbox is totally worth the journey so if you’re interested check it out, and if you already have it leave me some love below and let me know what you got this month!
Happy Blending!


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