Benefit – They’re Real

Let me start off by saying hello. It has been an insane amount of time since my last post but I have been trying out other blogging outlets, moving cross state and having another baby. So I’ve been a touch busy. Don’t you fear though in my time off I have greatly increased my knowledge and collection and am super excited to pick up where I left off.

I am a sucker for mascara, if I was to say I haven’t tried it all then I would be lying. So during my most recent Sephora haul I came upon Benefit Cosmetics ‘They’re Real’ mascara and I had yet to try it which is odd because I am a totally Benefit girl and here is my review:
While the brush initially threw me off because I’m not the biggest fan of far apart bristles, I have to say I was impressed! The gel like formula did some serious coating to my lashes but didn’t clump once. It didn’t look like falsies which can be a problem for me because I have what is known as “crazy eyes”.
My lashes felt soft and just super luxurious so this was another big win for Benefit and a small loss for my bank account (sorry hunny!)
This mascara retails for around $20 a tube for the full size product. So go forth and purchase and happy blending!


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