Date Night Red Lips

If you’re like me, you get scared of red lipstick because the last thing we wanna look like on a date is a clown.  That is why I have perfected the perfect date night lip routine to keep your lips soft and kissable.

To start you should buff your lips.  We buff our skin and rid it of dry, dead skin so why not do the same where it really counts?    What I do is I apply naturals chap-stick liberly all over my lips as a base, then in a small jar I mix 1TBS of honey with 1TSP of sugar.  I coat my lips with this sweet mixture and rub in.  After I let it sit and absorb the dead skin for about 2 minutes I take a washcloth and dampen it with warm water and buff my lips until the mixture and the dead skin is gone!

Next it’s time to choose your products.  I have very thin dry lips so two key parts of my date night lips are a good chap base and lip liner.   Lips are always the last thing I do in my makeup routine, especially with red lipstick because it can be a big mess!  So after my face is done up and perfect I base my lips with a all natural lip balm, this time I used Neutrogena all natural lip balm.  Then I lined my lips with Sephora cream lip liner in base which is a nude color.  I try not to use dark lip liners because those can often look tacky even with red lips so I stay as nude as I can, I don’t use lip liner for color but to just define my lips.  I prefer to use a lip brush when it comes to red lipstick because it is such a high pigmented color that any little bump and mistake will show without the right precision.  For the lipstick I chose my Maybelline Red Revival in the brightest red I could find, which is number 645.  Using the lip brush I start at the bottom lip and sweep up to the corners, but make sure not apply in the corners because that is how you get clown mouth.  I usually put a lot of focus into the top of my lip so I can really define the arch giving it a plump look.  To top it all over and glossed my lips with a clear sparkle Sephora lip gloss in pearl.  After my lips are done I blot them with some tissue and pull my finger through my mouth to take off any excess.

I have red hair so sometimes red lips can be a bit too much for a date so I try to make it whimsicle.  Here I added my Makeup Forever gel liner in teal and one of my handmade hair pieces.  This is my version of a 20’s girl in the city!

So remember, the key to perfect date night lips is for them to be kissable and soft, so always keep your lip balm and gloss on hand for touch-ups and the best way to pull off a bright red lip is confidence!  Happy kissing.


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