Sephora Smoky Cream Liner

I was walking around NYC not too long ago and decided to free my mind at the local Sephora, I consider these trips special because I can never enter a Sephora store without blowing my bank account.  Spring was just in bloom and I was inspired by the bright blue skies and the flowers and the breeze so I made an impulse purchase of electric blue gel liner.  The official product name is Sephora Smoky Cream Liner in Electric Teal.    I grew out of the electric blue shades phase in my late teens and I’m still not sure why I wanted to give it another go, but here it is!

To create this look I used a pink palette…like I said I was inspired by spring.  As always I primed my eyes with an under eye concealer and the lid with a shadow primer.  For the base color I used Avon true color eyeshadow quad,aquadelic and I used the coral crush color.  To add the smoke effect I used bright pigment shadow from Cupcake Cult in electric pink and to highlight I used Sephora highlighter shimmer in Aspen Summit.   Finished my look with the Sephora Electric Teal liner and L’oreal million lashes mascara.

There really is no reasonable place for me to wear this color unless I’m out at a club but nonetheless I thought it was wild and fun and a good mix for spring.  Coming in at a modest $12 I expected a lot more.  While the color was bright and lived up to it’s electric name the application itself was a tricky one, not to pat myself on the back but I can put on liquid liner in the dark.  It is indeed a gel base and I’ve had difficulties with them in the past.  I expected it to glide on a lot smoother then it did, it was almost bumpy and I kept getting those skip marks which isn’t a deal breaker, just adds more work.  It was easy to build up more drama with each new stroke but after a while I noticed it started to crumble as some gel liners do.  At first I thought maybe I was pressing too hard but on a softer application it still crumbled.    Overall I did achieve the look I wanted, bright springy, young and a little wild but it took more work then I think it was worth.  With the product alone I wasn’t 100% pleased but I did love the color and the dramatic effect and would continue using this product until it’s finished..whether or not I buy another one is yet to be seen. Happy blending!


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