Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, Concealer and Powder

I am a sucker for new products so when I heard about Maybelline launching a foundation that guarentees to fit any skin tone and type I was hooked.  I have always had trouble finding a good shade because I have red patches on my cheeks from dry skin and some old acne scars so often times I would have to buy the really heavy expensive foundations which felt like a mask on my skin.  Skeptically I went to the drug store to give it a try!  The display was unlike anything I had seen before, there were rows and rows of shades and numbers which would have been overwhelming for me but they had little tester bottles so I could pick the right number without concern.  I have a medium skin tone with warm undertones so I gravitated toward the 200’s.  After tested about 4 shades on my wrist (always test on the inside of your wrist to get the best match) I settled on 210.  In the bottle it looked really dark but it seemed to blend perfectly with my tone.  From there I was able to match by number the concealer and the powder, but the biggest test was yet to come.

I took it home and immediatly started my makeup routine.  I washed my face of any makeup and dirt and mosturized with an SPF daytime lotion then primed my face with my favorite base.  The foundation is a silky liquid so I thought it best to apply with a foundation brush.  To use with a brush pour a little out onto your hand and work with it from there so not to make a mess out of your bottle.  Start building foundation up from your problems areas and blending as you go.  I started with the inner of my cheeks and my chin and blending it in with my brush stroking up to avoid streaking.  This foundation is a medium coverage so I did have to go back over some problem areas after it was blended but a good thing is that it is creamy enough that it let me build up the coverage without looking like a thick cakey mess.  It felt like I wasn’t wearing anything, it was light with a fresh scent.

 Right away I found a problem with the foundation, unlike  other  liquid makeups I use this one did not have a pump so it was a pour  and go foundation and after I had  finished applying it to my face  there was  still a bit left on  my hand and I hate wasting makeup.  A good thing was that it didn’t set right away so it gave my time to really blend it well to avoid streaks.  I was a little worried that it would not be enough coverage because of how light it was but I didn’t have a problem covering my issues at all

Next step was the concealer.  Right away I must warn you that I am not a fan of liquid concealers because they often look like patted on cake and can bring more attention to your problem areas that take away from them, I much prefer mineral powder concealers but since it promised to match my skin tone and look natural I gave it a try.   I started by applying it under my eyes like a always do and then quickly patted it in to blend because most of the time with liquid they dry really fast not leaving enough time to work with it.  To my surprise it didn’t dry out but stayed moist allowing me to use the concealer on the rest of my trouble areas before blending it in saving me time.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with this concealer because it didn’t look cracked or caked at all but it was smooth and really did it’s job.

Lastly it was time to set my makeup the biggest test of all.  The compact came with a powder puff and a mirror which I appreciate but I used a bronzer brush because that is what I prefer.  I didn’t want a thick powder to dull the dewiness of  the makeup I just applied but I went in with an open mind.  The powder was light and silky and instead of just setting the makeup and leaving my face feeling like a powdery mask it set my makeup and kept the dewy soft look I prefer.  I was also amazed at how closely it matched the liquid foundation and concealer perfectly without any of those annoying chin lines or orange and dark spots.

When I was finished I really felt as if I wasn’t wearing any makeup at all.  It was soft and dewy and I could smile without cracking the foundation.  Best of all it fit my skin color giving credit to it’s name.  In the end I was pleased with the results and I didn’t feel like it was hurting my skin like other thick creams do and skin care is most important when it comes to makeup.  Another big plus is that it is very affordable!  Coming it at under $7 a pieces and around $24 for the set it is a deal considering you get foundation, concealer and powder.  Overall I would give this set a 9 out of 10.  Only changes I would make is to add a pump to the bottle and a brush instead of a puff for the powder, but those are minor picky things!  I suggest you try it for yourself, if you have red dry skin like mine it worked wonders in covering red patches and I will continue to use this makeup…until the next big launch comes around.  Happy blending!

*I used Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and Powder #210 and concealer #25.  L’oreal magic perfecting base.  Sephora Shadow in gold dust and pearl and L’oreal million lashes mascara.


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