L’oreal Studio Secret Magic Perfecting Base

If you have problems covering flaws on your skin with foundation and concealer alone then you should always start off with a good primer.  Primer is not only important to help flawed skin but is also a great base for your makeup.

I recently started using L’oreal studio secret professional magic perfecting base.  It’s lightweight and creamy and has a fresh smell to it, unlike the harsh toners that you can find in beauty department stores.  It is my “spackle”.  I have dry skin with red patches on my cheeks and chin and some acne scars from when I was a kid and I found that if I use foundation and concelear alone I still have a lot of trouble keeping my face smooth.  This magic perfecting base almost goes on like a second skin it not only fills in some scars and lines but it also helps my foundation to glide on smooth for a more even skin tone.

My routine with this primer is I also cleanse my skin before putting on makeup because chances are I left behind some dirt and oil from the night before and putting makeup on dirty skin will only lead to breakouts and clogged pores.  Before I put on the primer I use a lightweight day moisturizer that has some SPF in it to help protect against sun damage and will also keep my skin soft throughout the day.  I wait a few moments before using the magic perfecting base to that my moisturizer has set in to my skin.  Some people use brushes and sponges for the base but I find this base to be thick enough to use with my fingertips so i’m not wasting any that would be absorbed into the sponge.  I always start out with my problems areas, mainly my cheeks and chin and dot it on and blend it into my skin in a circle motion using my fingertips.  After the primer has set in you can feel if you’re missed spots by running your fingers over your face.

Even if you’re not wearing makeup on top of the primer it still works great to keep your patchy skin even.  There are only a few problems I have with this product, I find that if it isn’t blended well enough into my skin that it can get patchy and sticky so it does add a few extra minutes to my morning routine.  Also it retails at $13 which isn’t a bank breaker but coming it at only .2 ounces it doesn’t seem to be enough product for the price, and I use it every time I apply makeup or go out for the day so I go through a lot of it.

I think it is very important to use a primer for your makeup especially if you have dry prone skin like I do.  I would recommended this primer because it’s creamy and rich and gets the job done, as long as you can overlook the price!

*Image belongs to L’oreal


3 thoughts on “L’oreal Studio Secret Magic Perfecting Base

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  2. I love this primer!!! I just started using a primer about 6 months ago and the difference is out of this world.

    I have horrid combination skin and within a couple hours of getting cleaned up, my face is as oily as before I showered. The primer stretches this so I can get a few hours instead of just two.

    Do you have any hints for lip primer?

    Any hints for us oily girls?

    I have tried everything to control the oil but it is almost a losing battle. However, I look way younger due to that very same oily skin. Blessing within the curse, I suppose.

    • My little bottle is almost empty and it makes me sad! I have really dry skin now that i’m a little bit older so I don’t have too many tips for you there. When I was in my teens I had oily skin and found that the oil blotter papers worked well as well as a good setting powder ( MAC HD powder is highly recommended if you have the money to spend!) to help control the shine, but i’m sure these days there is something even better! If you’re looking for smooth lips check out my tips for date night lips, there is a really good recipe for a lip buff that removed dead skin so you have a good surface to work with. I haven’t found anything I like as far as a lip primer goes but I always base my lips (even if I go natural or with lipstick) with an all natural SPF lip balm. I have heard good things about a Lancome lip primer which I hope to try in the future, but their stuff is so pricey I can only allow myself a few of their products a year:)

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