E.L.F Foundation Brush

If you’re like me you don’t like getting your hands dirty when it comes to applying foundation.  I’ve messed with sponges, puffs, tissue and everything else I can think of but the one tool that I prefer overall is a foundation brush.

Some people find that foundation brushes can leave the makeup streaky and also soaks up a lot of their makeup, wasting it.  To avoid streak you should apply the makeup in an upwards motion sweeping on the foundation while applying instead of pressing it into your skin.  If you’re having trouble blending it in with the brush  (don’t worry it takes some getting used to!) just blend with a sponge after you’ve applied it.   If you are looking for more coverage it is always good to start with a light base and build up from there.  To keep your brush from wasting your foundation you should damp the bristles first, that will also help the foundation glide and help you achieve the airbrush look.

When it comes to the perfect foundation brush..there really is no such thing!  It depends on your individual taste.  There is everything from bamboo sticks to plastic and natural to synthetic fiber you just should find the right fit for you!

If you’re looking for a good foundation brush that is really cost friendly try the E.L.F foundation brush.  I found this brush at Target and it was only $1 and I can’t resist trying new stuff out.  It works really well for what it costs, I like to use it on my lighter foundations because it works really well when I need to build up the coverage.

If you find it doesn’t work for you don’t worry because there are many other uses!  It’s great for blending shadows, mixing foundations, and even applying facial cream or masks.  Happy blending!

*Image belongs to E.L.F


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